VPN Access

Secure, private web surfing

In case, for any reason whatsoever, you have to hide your online footmark, we’ve the right option for you. With any of our cloud hosting packages, you can get VPN access and have your entire inbound and outbound Internet traffic re–sent through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you will be able to take advantage of the exact same VPN configurations on just about any gadget that is connected to the web – your desktop computer, your netbook, your phone, and so on.

Data Backups

Have you ever lost your web site content? Take advantage of our data backup solution

When posted on the net, your website content will be unprotected to hack assaults. It could be affected even by your very own accidental actions. With us, there’s nothing to worry about, because we always maintain a backup copy of your site content, which can restored at any moment. Furthermore, you can make manual back–up copies of your whole website with a click of the mouse through the File Manager, which is integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all your website files and will store them in a ZIP file, which will be saved in your web hosting account.


A safe and secure web application firewall

We offer an instant method of guarding every web app in your hosting account, irrespective of whether it’s newly installed or has been imported from a different hosting supplier. All our cloud hosting plans include ModSecurity – a web application firewall software, which is enabled automatically. We have configured it to immediately block the majority of hacker assaults. This implies that the moment you host your web site with us, it’ll be safer than ever before.

Web Accelerators

The Web Site Accelerator Programs (Memcached, Varnish and Node.js) available in the hosting Web Hosting Control Panel, when used will substantially speed up your dynamic sites.

They are meant to cache the content from your sites and thus decrease the number of requests to the database server or the API. This will help your web sites load significantly faster than ever before and will enable you to attract more pleased visitors, which means minimized bounce rates.

Website Installer

Start your own web sites with just a click

Setting up your sites is as easy as A, B, C with our quick, 1–click Site Installer Instrument. Absolutely no coding is necessary, zero web design abilities are necessary. Just select the type of site that you want – personal or business, as well as a web design template of your liking. Then hit the Install button and your new site will be brought online straight away. You can find the Website Installer within the Bargain Hosting/Domains Web Hosting Control Panel.

A Database Manager

A useful database management solution

In case you use other web hosting alternatives, you have to make a database, then a user, and then indicate a database user access level. With our Databases Manager, we have made the process much easier. All you have to do is set up a database and that’s everything – the name of the database is also the user name. As elementary as that.

And when you have to create a backup of a certain database, you can do that with just a click from the Web Hosting Control Panel.

File Manager

Control all your files with a simple click of the mouse

In the Web Hosting Control Panel there is an integrated drag & drop File Manager, which will grant you full command over your files and folders. Drag a pic or a text file from your personal computer and upload it onto our web hosting server right away. You may create, copy, rename, move, delete and zip/unzip files & folders. You will be able to edit a file via an easy–to–use code editor as well as via a WYSIWYG editor and view the modifications online in real time.

Scripting Support

Python. Perl. PHP. MySQL. PgSQL.

Set up a PHP–based site. Write a Python app. Utilize the power of more than 9000 Perl modules. Keep your data in MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. Set up InnoDB tables. Enable remote MySQL connections. You can do all that and much more using any of the cloud hosting plans that we are providing. There are no extra taxes – it is all included in your cloud hosting package from the start.

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